Our accountants


Our company “Credo-Expert” has been established since 2010.

Sergei Serbulatov, is General Director of the limited liability company Credo-Expert. He has run this company since 2010.

Sergei Serbulatov is skilled in preparing documents to create companies in Russia,  efficient and effective work skills to prepare and provide financial statements in accounting programs,  along with a deep appreciation of working and communicating with different State organizations, which are regulators  of the operation of Russian business by law, such as, Federal Tax Service, Pension and Insurance funds, Customs.

He speaks Russian and English.

He studied at the Samara State Economic University in the faculty of Economics and Enterprise Management for 4 years. He received a Master’s degree with the profession of Manager in 2011.

He likes outdoor sports, such as, cycling, doing exercises on the horizontal bar and he likes to travel.

Below You may read with the documents our company’s.

Anastasiia Pshenichnikova, is Chief Accountant of the limited liability company Credo-Expert.

“I studied accountancy in Russian state social university for six years. I had been studying for two years when I got my first job, in October 2008.

Now I am the Chief Accountant with 9 years’ experience for Credo-Expert LLC.  

The first few years I was actively studying taxes and from 2012 till 2014 I was spending most of my working time analyzing financial statements by means of calculation of various economic indicators.

From 2015 to 2017 our company was working with building companies which built different buildings for the oil and gas industry. These two years we were calculating the wages of employees who worked on a rotational basis. It was an interesting time, because I found out a lot of new and useful information regarding staff and HR work.

Last year most of my time was spent setting up and optimizing the accounting of production processes at microenterprises.

I have successful profession way for small business and that is the reason why I else know and can do the following:

  • make a business plan;
  • make different legal agreements, such as an employment contract, a contract of sale, a contract of services
  • build simple marketing strategies;
  • work in graphic editors (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw)
  • Have successful relationships and rewarding experience with our clients.

Among our clients there are people (entrepreneurs) and companies which:

  • do metal (iron) working (it is b2b business)
  • retails of goods such as electrical, fireplaces, cars
  • photographers
  • hairdressers
  • wholesales of goods such as electric doors drive, electrical items
  • develop project documentation, exercise control the building process
  • special courses for children (mental arithmetic, speed reading, calligraphy)

Earlier we worked with companies, who were direct suppliers for AUTOVAZ, in Russia.

Repeatedly, we have been providing reports of Valeo service in Pension Funds when this company opened their first industrial office in Togliatti.”